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Welding Mask

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :3000 pcs/month

Welding mask refers to the tool to protect the safety of the workers in the welding and cutting operations. Its popular name is welding caps.
The role of Welding mask:
1. Eye protection: Double filtration, to avoid the arc produced by ultraviolet and infrared harmful radiation, as well as the damage on eyes caused by welding strong light, to prevent the occurrence of electro-optic inflammation.
2. Face protection: Effectively prevent the damage on the face caused by the splash of the work and harmful body and so on, reduce the occurrence of skin burns.
3. Respiratory protection: Airflow guidance, effectively reduce the damage to the body caused by the release of harmful gas and dust etc, prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis diseases.

Parameters of welding mask:

Model XZwm0513

Material: polycarbonate

Weight: 0.5kg

Packing: 40pieces/carton box

Application: chemical liquid splash, lampblack splash, metal splash, physical splash, shock prevention

Function: protect eyes, prevent welding radiation, blocking the spatter of solder slag, mainly used in argon arc welding, gas welding, grinding, etc.

High temperature resistant: 130℃

Impact resistant: PC face screen


Flip-adjustable automatic darkening welding plate mask

Material: PP

Type: head-worn

Power supply: solar power

Weight: 390g

Switching time: 1/25000s

Function: protect eyes/ block solder slag


Color: yellow

Power supply: solar power+lithium battery

Radiation protection level: 15

Switching time: 1/25000s

Recovery time: 0.1s-0.8s

Subject material: head layer scrub cowhide

High-sensitivity probes

Liquid crystal dimming display

Quality solar panel


Material: cowhide

Ultra light design

Auto darkening


High-sensitivity probes

Liquid crystal dimming screen

Quality solar panel

Button press design for breathing channel

Size: 26*21cm


Packaging volume: 27*16*5

Material: cowhide

Wearable and soft

Glasses material: PC

Button press design for breathing channel

Application: gas welding, copper welding, cutting, argon arc welding, etc.


Clear vision, not stuffy, work easier

Weight: 460g

Length: 27

Function: dustproof, fume protection, etc.

Plastic head hoop with smooth gear adjustment

5 mm sponge suction belt on forehead

transparent PVC screen

Plexiglass with well burning resistance

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