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Welding Glasses

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :3000 pcs/month

Welding glasses are featured as scratch and impact resistant, with wide vision. It's fashionable and comfortable, with work safety and sports safety.
Welding glasses are with flame retardant performance. It's applicable to gas welding, copper welding, cutting and other workplaces, especially suitable for: Labor insurance, industrial, military, medical, construction, field work and other fields.

Parameters of welding glasses:

Model XZ-250

Material: PC Lenses

Application: Anti-light radiation

Glasses frame adjustment: yes

Lens thickness: 1mm

Glasses frame color: green

Lens color: PC Transparent

Function: Anti-glare, anti-shock, dustproof, Anti-UV

Removable glasses frame: transparent PC lens 1.0 mm + green filter lenses 2.0mm

Inner glasses frame:  transparent PC lens 1.0 mm

Model XZ-3002D

Weight: 200g

Material: PVC 

Power supply: solar power

Service life: about two years

Brightness chaging degree: 4-6

Darkness chaging degree: 9-13

Advantage: double layer folding visible window, can be directly set wearing myopia lens, variable light screen

Removable glasses frame: 115*62 mm

Model XZ-012

two solar panels

high-sensitivity probes

automatic dimming LCD screen

glasses legs length adjustable

quality soft glue nose pad

quality soft glue ear frame

ABS new material

Model XZ-802

Glasses frame color: black

Lenses color: double

Function: anti-glare in welding


Material: PC

Glasses frame adjustable

Glasses frame color: black

Lenses thickness: 2mm

Lenses color: IR3

Implementation standards: ANSI

Function:  anti-impact scratch-resistant

Packing: 10pcs/box, 10boxes/carton box

Weight: 0.06kg/piece

Model XZ-12239

Material: Polycarbonate

Glasses frame adjustable

Lenses thickness: 1mm

Glasses frame color: black

Lenses color: dark green

Function: eye protection in welding

Packing: 120pairs/carton box

Not recommended for argon arc welding

can be directly set wearing myopia lens

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