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Welding Apron

Brand :Xunzhuo

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 days after order confirmed

Supply capacity :3000 pcs/month

Welding Apron is made of leather with strong, durable, flexible performance, with wear-resisting, heat insulation and fire-proof performance. It prevents cooking fume from roasting, can block the welding spatter. It's fire retardant, comfortable, and easy to wear and unload. It is used in the serious environment of welding spatter, which can protect the body of the user well.

Characteristics of Welding Apron:

Type xzwa01

Weight: 520g

Function: anti-high temperature, splash-resistant, wearable

Material: cowhide

Conjoined or not: conjoined

Application: barbecue and welding

Type xzwa02

Weight: 650g

Function: high temperature protection

Material: cowhide

Conjoined or not: conjoined

Size: 60*95

Application: welding and handling

Type xzwa03

Weight: 480g

Function:  heat-insulated and hot-resistant

Material: cowhide

Conjoined or not: conjoined

Size: 60*90

Application: barbecue, handling and welding

Type xzwa04

Weight: 370g

Function: flame retardant protective clothing

Material: cowhide

Application: handling, machinery, barbecue,welding,mines

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